How your career choice can impact your Confidence.


I started working in a call Centre and thought it would be the ideal working environment for me as I’m Bubbly, outgoing,confident and a general chatter box… well at least I was until i had worked in that call centre for a few months.

The management I worked for looked down their noses at me, made me feel like i wasn’t good enough, would pull me down about my work, make me feel that my work wasn’t any good, have eyes on me all the time. I even got monitored on how often i went to the toilet!!!!

Every day I pulled up outside work I didn’t want to get out of my car, I started work at 9am and would leave my car at 8:58am just to give me enough time to clock in, I didn’t want to be there longer than I had to be.

I quit that job and went to work at a recruitment agency in their head office. This was even worse, I was like a goldfish in the ocean, everyone there was very clicky and didn’t like newbies, I worked in a very corporate office and my manager was so self obsessed, reapplied her makeup god knows how many times a day, Was going to the gym every night, Was very underweight, looked down her nose on me and made me feel not good enough. I handed my notice in after months of trying to find the right job.

In June 2016 I started working for a cleaning company and I love it! I started as an administrator, it is a family run business, very down to earth, the people are lovely, management treat you great and with respect. Within a year i have been promoted to a key accounts co-ordinator, I finally feel confident in my job. I look after the biggest contract the company has, I go to meetings all over the country, I liase with many different customers and I manage my own work load.

My point is do not let anyone strip you if your confidence or pull you down, no job is worth being made to feel worthless, not good enough or generally put down by others.

Once you become confident in your work place and build that confidence in yourself I 100% believe it helps you to become confident in all other aspects of your life!



Blog ideas…

blog-posts-and-ideas.jpg Hi everyone, I am new to blogging and it is something I have wanted to do for ages! I just wondered if anyone could help me out with any blog ideas?

I love to write about, Beauty, fashion, anxiety, Depression, lifestyle, Life experiences and much more. 


‘Me Time’

‘Me time’ is so important, I love to be around others, I’m a sociable person but I do love my ‘Me time’ something everyone needs every so often & I’m not going to lie, I love a night to just relax and enjoy my own company every few months. 

Here’s how I enjoy ‘Me Time’

1. A hot bubble bath 

b4e3714f207486f3b14983f173c0fca4.jpg I love love love a hot soak in a bubble bath, there’s nothing more relaxing than laying in a nice hot bubble bath with beautiful scents and just shutting the world out for half an hour whilst you just relax!

2. Bath Bombs 

292c2985467a121b2348fe42e05a6e95--homemade-bath-bombs-diy-bath-bombs.jpgBath Bombs are amazing, I have tried so many different brands and I cannot get enough of them. Running them under the hot tap and getting a surprise of what happens next, the unknown whether it’s a glittery burst or it’s a burst of colour… I love them and you always get out of the bath with super soft skin! 

3. Hot Chocolate

CARE2I love a cup of hot chocolate, especially in winter but it’s perfect for having some ‘ Me time’ I chuck lots of skwirty cream on, marshmallows, chocolate shavings and a flake sometimes… calorie overload but oh well! 

4.  Face Masks 

7898d8a1cd99a66bb62ff07f70f3f252--lush-fresh-fresh-face Putting a face mask on is the best feeling and an even better feeling when I’m either washing or pulling it off and can see the improvement it’s made to my skin! I always make sure I try different scents, but I do have a few favourites;  strawberry, kiwi, ocean and watermelon… the watermelon ones are so refreshing! 

6. Nail Polish 

061615-nail-polish.jpgPaint my nails is something I love, I will let you in on a little secret… I never ever having matching toe nails and hand nails. Intact I always paint my toes black, I might mix it up with a little glitter but there always black. My finger nails on the other hand I love to play around with different colours from plumb to oranges!

7. Candles 

static-pages.jpg I can’t get enough of candles, the smell of them, the cosyness it fills my home with, the colours! I just think lighting a candle can create a relaxing environment and when I’m having ‘me time’ I have to be relaxed. 



Why I decided to start blogging.

I have always loved YouTube’s & vlogers… zoella was the 1st YouTube i started following & love her chanel. I have always wanted to YouTube and vlog but if I’m honest I just haven’t built enough confidence up to get infront of a camera & talk. So a friend introduced blogging to me and it sempt perfect, I have always wanted to share my experiences with others and this way I can build my confidence up before getting infront of the camera 📽. 

I want my blogs to help other people, that is one of the main reasons I have started blogging… I want to share my experiences and hope that it releates to others. 

My blog will be a mixture of different topics: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • General life experiences

I would love you all to comment the reasons you started blogging.  


B E Y O U !

20170721_204549.pngI know first hand that a lot of Anxiety issues can build up from not being yourself, feeling like you should be like someone else, feeling like you don’t fit in, feeling like you are not pretty enough, feeling like you don’t wear nice enough clothes, feeling like you are not confident enough… that was me a few years ago.

I’m 24 now & finally feel confident in myself, the last few years of school I never could be myself… I was always the girl I thought everyone wanted me to be. I wore the makeup everyone else wore, I dressed like all the other girls, I acted like all the other girls and it was so draining! 

I am very outgoing & bubbly, and always felt in the workplace I couldn’t be myself, I had to hold myself back, I couldn’t have ‘banter’ with colleagues and this was down to the workplace I was in and the management i worked for. I was made to feel like I didn’t look smart enough, Didn’t come across proffesional, wasn’t good enough to attend important meetings & wasn’t any good at my job. Looking back I wish I had stuck up for myself back then and had the mindset I have now… by hey ho, we all learn from our mistakes. 

it’s ok to be you, everyone is different, everyone is beautiful in their own way & everyone deserves to be who they truly are. Not being yourself only builds anxiety and eventually strips you of your confidence. 

Ye, sometimes I still look at celebs and think god I wish I looked like that, I wish I had that figure but it doesn’t eat away at me… be yourself! If people don’t love or like you for who you are then those people don’t deserve to be around you. In my eyes if everyone was the same life would be boring. 

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, being yourself you will meet the right friends, the right lover, the right career and the right choices in life… because if you are being yourself none of that is FAKE. 20170721_204615.png

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Anxiety – My story & tips to beat Anxiety

images-3.jpgMy Story – I have always been a bubbly & outgoing person, full of energy and always been the outgoing girl. I would have been the last person you would have thought would suffer from anxiety and depression… but how wrong were people. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt is that anyone with any character can develop this awful illness. 

It all started whilst I was working in a call centre, on paper it sempt the perfect job for me, talking on the phones all day (as I’m a chatter box!) And it was an outgoing environment . The management was horrible,they looked down on you & the pressure put on you was unreal. It was the middle of June and red hot, I sat at my desk and all of a sudden got a huge rush of heat throughout my body, pins and needles in my hands, my legs were like jelly, I felt sick, felt like my stomache  was falling out and I had the most overwhelming feel of fear. I ran to the toilet and was trying to be sick and nothing come out. That was my first PANIC ATTACK. At the time I wasn’t aware of panic attacks I thought I had a stomach bug! From then on for around a year I was having panic attacks up to 5 times a day even laid in bed they were happening. It was the scariest time of my life and no one understood how it felt. Finally I had to quit my job I couldn’t leave the house,I couldn’t even stand in a Que in the shop without panicking. I went to the doctors and was given Fluoxetine and diazepam which did nothing. See below the tips that helpt me beat Anxiety. 

Touch wood I haven’t had a panic attack for over a year..  it’s all about mind control


1. Hypnosis Videos –  Don’t ask me what made me try Hypnosis videos, No one even mentioned them to me… I just figured it’s all coming from my brain, So that’s what I need to control… My brain! I went on YouTube and searched ‘ hypnosis videos for Anxiety’ and found some amazing videos.  At first they didn’t work because I wasn’t allowing them to, I just couldn’t switch off. Every night I would lay on my bed put my headphones in and listen for half an hour and eventually it worked. This is number 1 on my list because I truly believe this was the real saviour to beating my anxiety. 

2. CBT Therapy – I had never been to therapy let alone heard of CBT Therapy. I visited my doctor and talked about how I was feeling and they recommend CBT Therapy. CBT Therapy is designed to help you learn how to re-train your brain. I use to think of everything that could go wrong before the situation even happened. If I was going to a works Christmas due i would think ‘wheres the nearest escape route’ ‘were going on a mini bus, how am I going to get all the way home if I need to’ anxiety stops you thinking logically and CBT helps you with that. One of the exercises was to write down all my fears and then write down logically how to solve to fear/ situation. 

3. Talking – it sounds simple doesn’t it & the most obvious… but talking does really help. I think the person you talk to plays a massive part in your recovery. I couldn’t speak to anyone really other than my Mum. I had so many people around me that I could talk to and so much support, but my mum was the only person I could talk to… My mum suffers from Bipolor so I knew she would have insight into how I was feeling . She helpt me so much, at the time when she was trying to get me to go out, making me go to the shops I hated it but now I know she was doing it to force me out and not let me stay in the rut of staying in bed all day and isolating myself. 

4. Step out of your comfort zone – No matter how scary it feels you have to try and step out of your comfort zone. For me I didn’t like being around a lot of people, I didn’t like feeling like I was trapped. I decided to go to Camden Market in London… One of the biggest markets with hundreds of stalls, hundreds of people and very limited toilets, I knew going there that I would have no where to escape if needed. And sure, I had a panic attack, i just hugged my boyfriend and ignored everyone around me and kept telling myself I am fine, I can do this and I did it… and that was the last panic attack I ever had! 

5. Excercise – I started swimming, a light Excercise that required little effort and I could relax aswell as excersising if that makes any sense? I loved being in the pool away from too many people and somewhere I could just have a bit of me time. I went for walks in the peak district and just enjoyed the wind on my face, the fresh air and the peace & quiet. I have lost count of the amount of times I went out into the peak district when I was at my worst… it was just the place I could be alone and just be me and think. 

Just remember you never truly know what anyone is going through, people paint a brave face on, people hide their feelings and from the outside looking in people can look like the ‘perfect happy person’ but that is what they want you to see and how they portray themselves. Be kind to everyone!