Long Hair Tips…

 I love my long hair, It’s my comfort blanket… I could never get the chop no matter how much it can drive me insane at times. Everyone always asks me “how is your hair so long” and “how can I get my hair to grow, it never grows” take a look at my Hair Tips below ⬇  ps: you can’t see the full length in this photo….
1. Stay away from the Heat as much as possible 

I try my best to stay away from Straightners and hair dryers as much as possible, the Heat just destroys your hair… infact I went a full year, yes a FULL YEAR without straightening my Hair or Blowdrying it just to get it in good condition.

2. Don’t pull your hair

Avoid split ends by not pulling your hair, always use the right brush,make sure you hold your hair half way down when brushing your ends to ensure that you are not pulling at your hair… you need to own a Tangle Teaser and put a stop to the painful brushing of your wet hair.

3. Lee Stafford hair growth treatment

This product is by far the best hair care product I have ever purchased,like many other people my hair was stuck at shoulder length for so long and just wouldn’t grow, no matter what I did I just couldn’t get it past my shoulders until I bought this Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment & BOOM my hair started to grow, honestly worth paying the money for it, this product is incredible.

4. L’orèal Hair Mask 

I have tried lots of hair masks and the L’orèal Hair Mask is defienetly my all time favourite,it smells amazing, it’s affordable, it washes out great, it hydrates your hair, leaves it soft & silky and say bye to the tangled wet hair because this stuff is that smooth there is no more pulling.

5. Messy buns 

A messy bun is my all time favourite hairstyle,It’s a protective hairstyle to avoid split ends, it save your using any heat on you’re hair and it looks good whatever the occasion, you cannot go wrong with a messy bun. Ask anyone that knows me I love the messy bun,It’s quick & easy and always looks great no matter how messy!

Thank you for reading my Blog, Love Jade xx



‘Me Time’

‘Me time’ is so important, I love to be around others, I’m a sociable person but I do love my ‘Me time’ something everyone needs every so often & I’m not going to lie, I love a night to just relax and enjoy my own company every few months. 

Here’s how I enjoy ‘Me Time’

1. A hot bubble bath 

b4e3714f207486f3b14983f173c0fca4.jpg I love love love a hot soak in a bubble bath, there’s nothing more relaxing than laying in a nice hot bubble bath with beautiful scents and just shutting the world out for half an hour whilst you just relax!

2. Bath Bombs 

292c2985467a121b2348fe42e05a6e95--homemade-bath-bombs-diy-bath-bombs.jpgBath Bombs are amazing, I have tried so many different brands and I cannot get enough of them. Running them under the hot tap and getting a surprise of what happens next, the unknown whether it’s a glittery burst or it’s a burst of colour… I love them and you always get out of the bath with super soft skin! 

3. Hot Chocolate

CARE2I love a cup of hot chocolate, especially in winter but it’s perfect for having some ‘ Me time’ I chuck lots of skwirty cream on, marshmallows, chocolate shavings and a flake sometimes… calorie overload but oh well! 

4.  Face Masks 

7898d8a1cd99a66bb62ff07f70f3f252--lush-fresh-fresh-face Putting a face mask on is the best feeling and an even better feeling when I’m either washing or pulling it off and can see the improvement it’s made to my skin! I always make sure I try different scents, but I do have a few favourites;  strawberry, kiwi, ocean and watermelon… the watermelon ones are so refreshing! 

6. Nail Polish 

061615-nail-polish.jpgPaint my nails is something I love, I will let you in on a little secret… I never ever having matching toe nails and hand nails. Intact I always paint my toes black, I might mix it up with a little glitter but there always black. My finger nails on the other hand I love to play around with different colours from plumb to oranges!

7. Candles 

static-pages.jpg I can’t get enough of candles, the smell of them, the cosyness it fills my home with, the colours! I just think lighting a candle can create a relaxing environment and when I’m having ‘me time’ I have to be relaxed.