‘Me Time’

‘Me time’ is so important, I love to be around others, I’m a sociable person but I do love my ‘Me time’ something everyone needs every so often & I’m not going to lie, I love a night to just relax and enjoy my own company every few months. 

Here’s how I enjoy ‘Me Time’

1. A hot bubble bath 

b4e3714f207486f3b14983f173c0fca4.jpg I love love love a hot soak in a bubble bath, there’s nothing more relaxing than laying in a nice hot bubble bath with beautiful scents and just shutting the world out for half an hour whilst you just relax!

2. Bath Bombs 

292c2985467a121b2348fe42e05a6e95--homemade-bath-bombs-diy-bath-bombs.jpgBath Bombs are amazing, I have tried so many different brands and I cannot get enough of them. Running them under the hot tap and getting a surprise of what happens next, the unknown whether it’s a glittery burst or it’s a burst of colour… I love them and you always get out of the bath with super soft skin! 

3. Hot Chocolate

CARE2I love a cup of hot chocolate, especially in winter but it’s perfect for having some ‘ Me time’ I chuck lots of skwirty cream on, marshmallows, chocolate shavings and a flake sometimes… calorie overload but oh well! 

4.  Face Masks 

7898d8a1cd99a66bb62ff07f70f3f252--lush-fresh-fresh-face Putting a face mask on is the best feeling and an even better feeling when I’m either washing or pulling it off and can see the improvement it’s made to my skin! I always make sure I try different scents, but I do have a few favourites;  strawberry, kiwi, ocean and watermelon… the watermelon ones are so refreshing! 

6. Nail Polish 

061615-nail-polish.jpgPaint my nails is something I love, I will let you in on a little secret… I never ever having matching toe nails and hand nails. Intact I always paint my toes black, I might mix it up with a little glitter but there always black. My finger nails on the other hand I love to play around with different colours from plumb to oranges!

7. Candles 

static-pages.jpg I can’t get enough of candles, the smell of them, the cosyness it fills my home with, the colours! I just think lighting a candle can create a relaxing environment and when I’m having ‘me time’ I have to be relaxed. 




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