B E Y O U !

20170721_204549.pngI know first hand that a lot of Anxiety issues can build up from not being yourself, feeling like you should be like someone else, feeling like you don’t fit in, feeling like you are not pretty enough, feeling like you don’t wear nice enough clothes, feeling like you are not confident enough… that was me a few years ago.

I’m 24 now & finally feel confident in myself, the last few years of school I never could be myself… I was always the girl I thought everyone wanted me to be. I wore the makeup everyone else wore, I dressed like all the other girls, I acted like all the other girls and it was so draining!ย 

I am very outgoing & bubbly, and always felt in the workplace I couldn’t be myself, I had to hold myself back, I couldn’t have ‘banter’ with colleagues and this was down to the workplace I was in and the management i worked for. I was made to feel like I didn’t look smart enough, Didn’t come across proffesional, wasn’t good enough to attend important meetings & wasn’t any good at my job. Looking back I wish I had stuck up for myself back then and had the mindset I have now… by hey ho, we all learn from our mistakes.ย 

it’s ok to be you, everyone is different, everyone is beautiful in their own way & everyone deserves to be who they truly are. Not being yourself only builds anxiety and eventually strips you of your confidence.ย 

Ye, sometimes I still look at celebs and think god I wish I looked like that, I wish I had that figure but it doesn’t eat away at me… be yourself! If people don’t love or like you for who you are then those people don’t deserve to be around you. In my eyes if everyone was the same life would be boring.ย 

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, being yourself you will meet the right friends, the right lover, the right career and the right choices in life… because if you are being yourself none of that is FAKE.ย 20170721_204615.png


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