My top 5 Beauty Products of 2017 so far.

1. Simple kind to Skin moisturising facial wash –  I love this product, I have sensitive skin and hate using soaps to wash my face. I have tried many different  facial washes over the years, this is my new favourite. This product is 100% soap free, soaps make me break out so I’m glad I’ve found a good facial wash that doesn’t contain soap! It’s a foaming facial wash so makes is easy to apply and your skin feels so refreshed after . Wet your face… later in your hands and apply to your face and wash off!


2. Argan Oil heat defence leave in spray – My hair is my pride & joy, I have spent years growing my hair and it is down to the bottom of my back now. I have spent years trying to keep it in good condition, I had a break from straightening it for a year which was so hard! Now I can get rid of the messy bun and wear my hair down more thanks to this heat defence spray. It smells gorgeous, it’s full oils, it doesn’t leave your hair greasy and lasts for ages! All that for £1. 

20170719_205620.jpg3. St Tropez Bronzer –  I don’t tan well in the English Summer weather so have to have a spray tan weekly… I started using this St Tropez Bronzer a couple of months back and love it… by far the best  bronzer I have ever used. It goes so well with my spray tan, it is matte and smells amazing and only £8! 20170719_2041074. Simple Kind to Skin hydrating light moisturiser – Simple is my favourite skin care brand, their products never fail me. I have very dry skin and sensitive skin. I have tried many moisturisers that are meant to hydrate my skin, they have never worked and if they have it’s only been temporarily. This product lasts all day, it keeps my skin hydrated and looks smooth and flawless. 20170719_203654

5. Sculpting Brow Builder by Mii – I have always used eyebrow pencils and if I’m being honest my art skills are slim to none, they say eyebrows should be sister’s not twins & they weren’t even sister’s I was that shocking at drawing them on! I decided to try this brow builder, the brush is very similar to a mascara brush and so easy to apply! The name of this product describes it perfectly, brow builder . Anyone can use this product whether you like your eyebrows natural or defined, this product allows you to decide… you can start off with small and light strokes and build it up to your desired definition. Highly recommend this product it lasts for months too! 20170719_204206.jpg


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