My favourite places in London to visit.

1. Camden Market –  what an amazing Market, there is something for everyone at Camden Market and the atmosphere is buzzing! The below shop Cyber Dog is one of the best in Camden Market, the ‘Rave shop’ I call it… the music inside is insane , the staff dress in the most unreal outfits, You can by anything from glow in the dark dresses to kids toys! You walk in and it’s like hitting a club the buzz is unreal. There is hundreds of stalls in Camden Market; Fragrance stalls, music Stalls, jewellery stalls, vintage stalls, food stalls and much more. Camden Market is a must visit! Snapchat-19749871182. Regents Canal – I’m not normally much of a walker but I cannot resist walking up Regents Canal, it’s Beautiful! Take the below photo for instance a lovely little barge with a book store and cafe where you can sit either inside or ontop of the Barge & enjoy a drink in the sunshine. You can watch the Barges go past, watch the locks being opened. There is lovely little cafes for you to take a break once you get tired. The apartments that overlook the canal I dream of living in one day… imagine waking up in the Morning with a view of the Canal. Such a lovely walk! Snapchat-1157905239.jpg3. Tinsel Town Milkshake Bar – Oh my god literally the best Milkshakes I have ever tried! You can choose any chocolate you like… I always have the Orio because it’s that nice I never want to try any other! 😂. I visit London a few times a year and never miss grabbing a Tinsel Town Milksake. The interior of the bar is great, it’s like being sat in an American Milkshake Bar in North London. Snapchat-2513337374. South Bank – I love love love South Bank, from the Buskers to the bars there is always a great atmosphere on the South Bank. The attractions are great; The London Eye, The London Dungeons, Aquarium and much more. I have been on the London Eye once and the views of London are incredible if you have the opportunity I would defienetly recommend it… it’s worth the money and long wait. The London Dungeon is outstanding the actors are so talented and really make the experience feel real, great history stories but in a fun way. The bars on South Bank are lovely, especially in the summer sitting out catching some rays looking over the Thames.  20170516_1320175. Wapping – Such a beautiful little place & so nice to be able to leave the hassle & bussel and the rushing of London to sit on the beach next to the Thames. The old mill buildings have been restored amazingly they look great… we visited the Prospect of Whitby… Such an oldy worldy pub with so many original features. There are signs scattered around the pub telling you the history and the story behind the pub and how it operated many many years ago! We sat out on the Balcony watching the boats yo by with a view of Canary Wharf, the food was amazing and the staff were lovely! 20170703_135833.jpg6. La’artista ( Golders Green) – The best Italian I have ever visited. The food is incredible, the portion sizes are huge… I even took  doggy bag home! The atmosphere is great and the staff are lovely ( plus saw a few celebs as it seems popular with them) I would highly recommend this Resturant. 20170702_214642.jpg

There is so many beautiful places to visit in London, the above are just some of my Favourites! There is no doubt if I could move to London I would do tomorrow. 


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